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We here at Thats My Pick are a team of experienced writers, reviewers, and testers. A thoughtful approach is always better than a hasty move. So, to protect you from regretting what you’ve bought, we provide you insightful reviews and guides to get the best out of the market.

That’s My Pick is all about accuracy and trust. We don’t promote any of the brands for the money and will always provide you with our honest opinions on the given topic.

Our website is divided into two categories which are regularly updated so that you always feel fresh about the products in the market. First category is named Our Picks and notifies you about all the best products in the scope of your choice. The second category is Buying Guides which tells you about how to buy a product efficiently and without wasting your precious $$ into useless things. It tells you what thoughts to keep in my mind while buying the best choice.

As you must have noticed, we don’t place any advertisements on our website because we believe in user engagements and trust. However, we have placed affiliate links at several pages on our site. You can check the Affiliate Disclosure page at the bottom for the confirmation.

You can click the links and buy the products directly from our website. We don’t take part in frauds and stuff. We are Genuine and always will be.


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